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About Us

Just4U is an online greeting cards mailing services designed specifically for corporate clients. All our ecards design and message are crafted with businesses in mind. And we make it simple and quick for sender to personalise and send off their list instantaneously.

All eCards allow personalization of your corporate logo, recipient’s name, sender's name and marketing message. You can send personalize ecards with your recipient's name, message, company logo and link to 200 clients within minutes.

Send personalized eCards in 4 simple steps:

  1. Login with your email address and password,
  2. Choose a card,
  3. Personalize the ecard and email,
  4. Preview and Send!

We can also customize or send your customized ecards

Contact us if you require customise design specifically for your company or if you have your own design and would like us to send out on your behalf. We do all that.

How It Begin

The idea came about when we were looking for professionally designed eCards for our clients. Most of the eCards in the market are meant for individual, sending to 20 receipients and less each time. Plus we could not find suitable design and message good for our associates. And hence we begin to develop our range of corporate eCards. We designed our ecards such that it is suitable for corporate and business and our sending platform allow you to upload your recipients name and email in excel format and send.

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