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What is Just4U card?
What are the benefits of sending Just4U cards?
What is our fee structure?
How does Just4U protect my privacy?
How do I get started?
How would my recipients see the card?
Can I have animated card within the email?
Would I be able to view the ecard on my iphone?
How many cards can I send at one time?
What is the requirement for my logo upload?
How do I enter my recipient's name and email?
How do I export my recipient's name and email from my MS Outlook etc.

Q: What is Just4U card?
A: Personalised eCards that can be personalised with your recipient's name, email and company logo and sent to 200 recipients within 10 minutes. It will be sent off with your company email address.

Q: What are the benefits of sending Just4U cards?

  1. Just4U cards are professionally design especially for organization and corporate.
  2. You can send different card designs to different group of recipients.
  3. Personalise the card with your client’s name, your corporate logo, link to your website and sender's name.
  4. Enable various departments to send to their own contacts using their respective email address.
  5. Save time, resources and energy compared to traditional way of sending greeting cards.
  6. It is cost and time effective, you can send out 200 ecards in 4 easy steps.
  7. Its environmentally friendly and support your CSR.
  8. Upload your corporate logo for Branding and Marketing.
  9. Increase your web traffic.
  10. A tracking system to view who has picked up your card.
  11. Pickup the ecard anywhere globally.
  12. Reached the key person.

Q: What is our fee structure?
Please refer to Our Pricing for more details.

Q: How does Just4U protect my privacy?

A: Just4U has taken steps to ensure information received from our users is secure from unauthorized access and use.

We do not sell, trade, or rent your information to any 3rd parties or use them for any form of advertising.

Just4U card is committed to your privacy and we make every effort possible to keep your information safe.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply sign up with Just4U and upload your corporate logo, in this way you can see how your corporate logo shows up on the selected ecard.

  1. Login with your email address and password,
  2. Choose a card,
  3. Personalise the ecard and email,
  4. Preview and Send!

Q: How would my recipients see the card?

A: Your recipients will receive an e-mail invitation to pickup the card. In this email, there is a link, a static card design and the url to view the animated card. They can pickup the card any of these methods. For static card, it will be displayed in the email directly.

Q: Can I have animated card within the email?
A: All email programs do not allow Flash to be displayed within the email. Hence we include a static card design inside the email and your recipients can click on the card to view the animated card with your personalise message for them.

Q: Would I be able to view the animated ecard on my iphone?
A: For devices that doesn't have flash player, recipients will be redirected to a page with the static card design and your personalised content.

Q: How many cards can I send at one time?
A: You may send up to 200 cards per session, all cards are personalised with individual name and email.

Q: What is the requirements for my logo upload?
A: Upload your logo on white background within an area of 140px width by 60px height. Leave as little white spacing as possible.
Upload logo in jpg or gif format only.

Do not leave extra white space; our program will resize your logo accordingly.

Maximum size of logo
For rectangle logo
For square logo

Q: How do I enter the recipient’s name and email?
A: There are 3 ways to input your recipients information.

One Recipient at a time
During personalise card, in "Your Recipient's Information" field, enter your recipient’s name and email in the fields provided. This method is good for sending up to 20 recipients. A browser time out error may occur when too much time is spent on entering the information, thus all previous information will be cleared.

Copy and Paste recipient's name and email from your CSV file
During personalise card, click on advance tab, copy your addresses from your MS Excel file and etc.

If you have your contact information in MS Excel, save this file as CSV(Comma delimited)(*.csv).
Open the CSV file in Notepad; you should see your format as such


Copy your email addresses and paste it into the "Recipient" field.

Create and save your mailing lists before sending
[Recommended for 10 recipients and more]

Go to "Mailing Group" after you login and create your group by uploading your csv file
[download sample.csv file]
During personalise card, go to advance tab and select the mailing group which you want to send to.

Q: How do I export my recipient's name and email from my MS Outlook etc.
  1. Open your Microsoft Outlook Express program
  2. Select the FILE > EXPORT > ADDRESS BOOK
  3. Select 'Text File (Comma Separated Value)' and click EXPORT
  4. Name the file > click NEXT
  5. Put a check next to Name and E-mail Address ONLY
  6. Click FINISH

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